Robotics is the BEST

Person on Processing
I just programmed a person on Processing walking, you can make the person run if you want :))

FLL (FIRST Lego League)
NXT is a clever programming system, and there's a competition for it.

that was a game for this year, and you can also build something like this if you get used to it.

Working On Processing
My mentor asked me if I can program a Dice Rolling Program on Processing. I think it's quite hard, I don't know how to make the movement slower...

Updated the website!
Website is updated, I still don't know how it works...

Robotics is the BEST is now online!!
Yay! Now Robotics is the BEST is online! I still don't know how to build a website, but I'll be going to make a best robotics website!!
This is called Sumobot, and this is for Sumo Competition.  The robot is really small but since it has 21 kg of weight on it, it is really heavy and it can push a table.

on May 21st 2011

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